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About us

INBUREX Consulting is an international, independent consulting company on the Field of industrial plant safety:

  •   Explosion Protection
  •   Process safety
  •   Research & Testing

Dr. Jef Snoeys
INBUREX Consulting US
Principal Consultant - Vice President
phone: 863-458-0615
email: jef.snoeys@inburexus.com


The industrial and commercial incidents that have occurred in the past have given the safety aspect special significance. Accidents not only cause considerable personal, environmental and material damage, but inevitably lead to an international loss of image of the industry and to higher legal requirements under pressure from the public and authorities.

An appropriate and successfully implemented safety concept will prevent fires, explosions or releases of hazardous substances or limit the impact to at least an acceptable level. This requires systematic methods for the identification and assessment of risks as well as the definition, interpretation and implementation of technical and organizational measures. If the safety aspects are already taken into account during plant design, a particularly cost-effective, optimal concept can be achieved. But also the inspection of the technical facilities and the safety organization allows the determination of the actual state of the plant safety and contributes to the detection of safety deficiencies.

INBUREX has been active in the field of plant safety for many years on behalf of planners, operators and authorities. Based on a team of experts with international technical know-how, general and special security problems are worked on and brought to a customer-specific solution. The holistic approach to the aspects of plant safety, occupational safety and environmental protection is ensured through interdisciplinary cooperation between the specialists of our four specialist areas and the research and testing laboratory.