Research and Testing

safety-related investigations


Research and Testing

For comprehensive advice, our own research and testing laboratory for safety technology is available. The Wilhelm Jost Institute was specially developed for the needs of safety-related investigations and offers you the following services:

  •  Determination of combustion and explosion characteristics of gases, vapors and dusts
  •  Thermal stability of substances and mixtures
  •  Caloric and kinetic data of chemical reactions

Check your confidence in the fabrics you use every day in your system.

You will be surprised what potential there is! Laboratory safety tests show heavy releases of energy for many substances – on a production scale this would have serious consequences if this property is not known or the system was not designed accordingly. In special test and test equipment safety parameters as well as thermal and kinetic data are determined. We create a test program tailored to your requirements and carry out the tests in accordance with the relevant standards. The evaluation and specific implementation of the experimental data on your production process is our central concern.

From laboratory scale to production …

As part of the process development, we support you actively in the transfer from the laboratory scale to production. Safety research assures you of the highest level of advice. We carry out European research projects in the field of safety engineering. We use the results of these projects directly for your task. So you can be sure to always have the current state of knowledge.


  • DSC / DTA
  • Carius Tube
  • Dewar
  • Heat Flow

Liquid Flammability

  • Flash Point
  • Fire Point
  • AIT
  • Flammability Limits

Dust Explosibility

  • Group A/B Explosibility
  • MIT cloud
  • 20 L Explosion Sphere
  • MEC


  • Liquid/Solid Resistivity
  • MIE cap & ind
  • Charge Transfer
  • Breakdown Potential

Thermal Stability

  • MIT 5mm Layer
  • Diffusion Cell
  • SADT
  • UN 4.1 & 4.2


  • Lead Block Test
  • DSC / DTA
  • Carius Tube
  • Dewar Heat Flow
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Testing requirements per se are not specifically listed under the UK Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) 2002 but clearly there is a need to define the characteristics of the materials handled in accordance with the regulations, particularly Sections 2 & 5.

You cannot identify the hazard without knowing the ‘characteristics’ of the materials being handled or the chemical process being undertaken. For example:

  •  What if the reaction temperature is increased?
  •  What if an addition is made too quickly?
  •  Do we need to earth (ground) plant operatives?
  •  Do we need a specific type of Big-Bag?
  •  Will a polymeric Tote-Bin introduce a static hazard?

To this end, we create a cost effective test programme, in accordance with the relevant standards, tailored to the client. Evaluation of the experimental test data and how it applies to YOUR process is our central concern.

Our chemical and product testing services are extensive, ranging from small scale screening to the large scale. A selection is given below, by way of example, but please feel free to request our full range of testing services.

Zero risk

There is no such thing. Consciously or otherwise, we all accept the societal risks present in our daily lives and importantly, industry should strive to ensure that we are NOT put at any greater risk in the workplace. Our technical safety experts and partners have one single aim –

to do just that!